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Last week, Brian and I spoke in church together about parenting.  I mentioned that our kids aren’t born with an instruction manual or a little tag that tells what they are supposed to be when they grow up.  God does not tell US the purpose for our child’s life–He communicates that to THEM, as they walk with Him and look for His direction in their lives.  It is our job to point them to God, to teach them how to seek Him and hear His voice.  Then they will know why they are created, what their purpose is in life, and what they are supposed to be.  When our boys were too young to seek God on their own and ask for His direction, I remember singing the song “Be The Center” and thinking of them.  The song is a prayer.  It says, “Jesus, be the center…be my source, be my light, be the wind in these sails…be the reason that I live.”  I sang, “Be the wind in THEIR sails…be the reason that THEY live.”  What a huge responsibility we have as parents; and what a joy to point our kids to God.  He has a great plan for their lives!

I love 80’s music!  I guess it’s because it is fun, and it reminds me of high school and college.  I had the chance to see Chicago in concert a few years ago.  They are timeless.  Journey.  Def Leppard.  REO Speedwagon.  A few of my favorites.  What about you?  Do you have some favorite 80’s groups?

Tones are set in the first 5 minutes–  the first five minutes of a movie, or concert, the first 5 minutes of a work day, a blind date, a race or even a boxing match!  Early on, a tone is set that often lingers and almost dictates the rest of the event–or at least our initial feelings about it.  As women, we are TONE SETTERS.  Think about it.  The first 5 minutes of the day, when everyone is getting up and ready for the day, we have the opportunity, whether we think about it or not, to set the tone for the morning.  If mom is grumpy and bossy or happy and smiley–it usually impacts the way everyone else feels. The first 5 minutes of the evening when everyone walks in the door or gets off the school bus we have the opportunity to create an atmosphere–and we do create one–whether it is a positive one or not.  How cool that it usually only takes five minutes!  I want to really “clock in” for that short period of time.  After that, everyone is about their business and the tone has already been set.

My Dad is 65 today.  I knew him in his twenties!  I can’t imagine that that cool, young, athletic guy is breathing the word “medicare.” But you need to know that he is graduating in May with his PH.D IN COUNSELING!! Still cool, young and athletic!  I have to write about him today because he and my mom are waiting patiently for God to come through for them.  I have watched this man through the last forty years, and seen him to be completely FAITHFUL to God.  God in turn has never let him down.  As a child, my parents would pull all of us into the living room and teach us to pray for God to come through when we had no money.  When we could see no help in sight, God did amazing things in our lives!!  As an adult, I want to work out everything and give my parents the best situation (as I am sure they felt the same when we were little.)  But I KNOW, not just in my head, but with my heart, and a lifetime of experience, that God can be TRUSTED and that He can handle every situation!!  Mom and Dad taught us that God is faithful, and now it is our turn to watch Him be faithful to them!! I am thanking God ahead of time (like they taught us to do) for what He is going to do with Dad and the job He will provide!  I will keep you “posted.”


Brian spoke at a Leadership Network conference in Dallas, TX this week, and I was able to go with him!  It was a great conference, and I was inspired.  Speakers were actually on a timer–it was all quality and to the point, which goes along well with my short attention span!   While we were there, we enjoyed some Texas brisket and experienced the worst ice storm that Dallas has had in six years!  

On the way home I read a book that we purchased at the conference.  It is called Nice Girls Don’t Change The World, by Lynn Hybels.  What a great book.  It too was a quick read–I think I read it in 20 minutes, but it really impacted me concerning the way many Christian girls grow up.  Because we sometimes have an inaccurate view of God, we can miss being all that He created US to be! This is a freeing book for those of us who feel like we can never attain to all that we are supposed to do!

Now I am glad to be home!  I can certainly appreciate more of what Brian experiences when he speaks out of town!  Extreme exhaustion!  And, of course, meeting wonderful people who add to what we are doing in life!  It is a blessing to visualize how God is working in so many places all over the world.

I love Fridays!  It is Brian’s day off–and he actually TAKES the day off!  So, it is my day off too.  We hang out all day until Zach gets off the bus.  We often get coffee, go out for lunch, shop, exercise or go to a movie.  We wash his truck.  We talk and laugh.  He doesn’t shave.  Fridays keep me going for the long run.  God took a day off too–and He wasn’t even tired!  What a great idea!