Brian spoke at a Leadership Network conference in Dallas, TX this week, and I was able to go with him!  It was a great conference, and I was inspired.  Speakers were actually on a timer–it was all quality and to the point, which goes along well with my short attention span!   While we were there, we enjoyed some Texas brisket and experienced the worst ice storm that Dallas has had in six years!  

On the way home I read a book that we purchased at the conference.  It is called Nice Girls Don’t Change The World, by Lynn Hybels.  What a great book.  It too was a quick read–I think I read it in 20 minutes, but it really impacted me concerning the way many Christian girls grow up.  Because we sometimes have an inaccurate view of God, we can miss being all that He created US to be! This is a freeing book for those of us who feel like we can never attain to all that we are supposed to do!

Now I am glad to be home!  I can certainly appreciate more of what Brian experiences when he speaks out of town!  Extreme exhaustion!  And, of course, meeting wonderful people who add to what we are doing in life!  It is a blessing to visualize how God is working in so many places all over the world.