My Dad is 65 today.  I knew him in his twenties!  I can’t imagine that that cool, young, athletic guy is breathing the word “medicare.” But you need to know that he is graduating in May with his PH.D IN COUNSELING!! Still cool, young and athletic!  I have to write about him today because he and my mom are waiting patiently for God to come through for them.  I have watched this man through the last forty years, and seen him to be completely FAITHFUL to God.  God in turn has never let him down.  As a child, my parents would pull all of us into the living room and teach us to pray for God to come through when we had no money.  When we could see no help in sight, God did amazing things in our lives!!  As an adult, I want to work out everything and give my parents the best situation (as I am sure they felt the same when we were little.)  But I KNOW, not just in my head, but with my heart, and a lifetime of experience, that God can be TRUSTED and that He can handle every situation!!  Mom and Dad taught us that God is faithful, and now it is our turn to watch Him be faithful to them!! I am thanking God ahead of time (like they taught us to do) for what He is going to do with Dad and the job He will provide!  I will keep you “posted.”