Tones are set in the first 5 minutes–  the first five minutes of a movie, or concert, the first 5 minutes of a work day, a blind date, a race or even a boxing match!  Early on, a tone is set that often lingers and almost dictates the rest of the event–or at least our initial feelings about it.  As women, we are TONE SETTERS.  Think about it.  The first 5 minutes of the day, when everyone is getting up and ready for the day, we have the opportunity, whether we think about it or not, to set the tone for the morning.  If mom is grumpy and bossy or happy and smiley–it usually impacts the way everyone else feels. The first 5 minutes of the evening when everyone walks in the door or gets off the school bus we have the opportunity to create an atmosphere–and we do create one–whether it is a positive one or not.  How cool that it usually only takes five minutes!  I want to really “clock in” for that short period of time.  After that, everyone is about their business and the tone has already been set.