Last week, Brian and I spoke in church together about parenting.  I mentioned that our kids aren’t born with an instruction manual or a little tag that tells what they are supposed to be when they grow up.  God does not tell US the purpose for our child’s life–He communicates that to THEM, as they walk with Him and look for His direction in their lives.  It is our job to point them to God, to teach them how to seek Him and hear His voice.  Then they will know why they are created, what their purpose is in life, and what they are supposed to be.  When our boys were too young to seek God on their own and ask for His direction, I remember singing the song “Be The Center” and thinking of them.  The song is a prayer.  It says, “Jesus, be the center…be my source, be my light, be the wind in these sails…be the reason that I live.”  I sang, “Be the wind in THEIR sails…be the reason that THEY live.”  What a huge responsibility we have as parents; and what a joy to point our kids to God.  He has a great plan for their lives!